Sweet and Charming Art

Custom Commission Art charm [OOAK]

30 USD / In stock.
This is for a one-of-a-kind custom commission for your favorite character (fandom series, original.etc). I can create art for pin buttons or the rectangle acrylic-case keychain (which the quantity can be controlled). Artwork samples are provided. I have previously drew a character charm of Ludger (in pink suit)

I will draw:
- chibi full-body size, action pose, sitting pose.etc.
- - Any series: fantasy game, classic Anime/cartoon, your OC waifu/boyfriendo
- 'detailed' bust-shot of character
- line-less coloring (ex: Sailormoon)

For limited charm quantity; I will only create one-sided art charms (as they are more cost affordable): color can be clear or white, black, wood or color.
I will also charge the extra shipping fee and item will be send directly to the client. Depend on my order schedule, there may be a queue or I can create straight away (I order in between months) Questions? Message me on Twitter @joichichan